Role of Testing in Digital Transformation

Adapt your QA and Testing Models to new technologies required by Digital Transformation

What you will learn from this E-Book?

  • Role of QA & Testing in Digital Transformation
    Customers today demand ‘anytime- anything-anywhere’ service with the finest experience, they aren’t ready to compromise with quality or wait endlessly. Thus, conducting comprehensive testing has emerged as a must-do thing, across a business’s digital value chain and the complete digital ecosystem
  • Digital Transformation and its Testing requirements
    To uphold the premier standard of any software, it is indispensable that it should be tested methodically and thoroughly. Proper techniques and methods should be adopted to test network environment compatibility of the application in SMAC, re-lift the testing approaches by opting for advanced and reliable tools.
  • Challenges faced in Digital Transformation Testing and its remedies
    Few of the challenges include: Adoption of steady approach to test in multiple platforms, Incorporating Digital systems into Legacy systems, Employing skills to adopt and test SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technologies, Maintaining a balance between test coverage and effort etc. The important step to be taken by digital transforming firms is to adapt and adopt the naive technologies as quickly as possible to achieve their desired targets in this field.

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