We are focused on creating sustainable value for our Customers, Partners and Associates.

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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create sustainable value for our customers, by challenging the status quo and bringing innovative ideas and technologies to address their QA and Testing needs. We are technology agnostic so we can stay focused on solving the client’s specific needs. Our customer’s delight, powers our success and exceeding customer expectations is our belief.

Our vision and goal is to embed robust quality assurance practices deeply into the development lifecycle to enable you to reduce cost, time, and effort on testing, year-on-year.

We enable you to optimize your test practices and effectively respond to dynamic market conditions and growing demands. We support you in harnessing industry best practices and accelerators to help you gain agility and competitiveness.

We collaborate with you to create testing transformation and foster an environment of continuous improvement to help you reduce costs year-on-year and improve product quality. Our testing services and quality assurance expertise facilitate smarter as well as superior testing of products and software at optimal costs and no hidden risks.

Our mission is delivering “Continuous Quality @ Speed”.

Our Core Values

We are characterized by a set of core values that help us deliver value to each of our engagements.

  • Customer delight: We thrive on strong customer orientation for all testing solutions and products. We are extremely quality conscious and this reflects in our deliveries, irrespective of the size of the project. Our people place unwavering focus, passion, enthusiasm and commitment to ensure customer success.
  • Transparency: This is an integral part of our DNA. We understand that the only way to success is to have absolute transparency in our communication, commitment, solutions, offerings, transactions, and associations with all our stakeholders across the board.
  • Professionalism: Our teams of experts continually strive to gain insights on the latest markets, trends and technologies, understand the voice of customer, as well as adopt best practices to develop and modify solutions as per changing market requirements. Our leaders are encouraged to take on end-to-end ownership, responsibility, accountability, and are rewarded with recognition for their visionary approach.
  • Commitment: Our team’s enthusiasm, expertise, passion and commitment to create and innovate everyday helps us grow our business. They are committed to our mission and vision that help us provide compelling industry solutions. Our repeat business is attributable to our commitment to excellence and ability to offer unmatched solutions.
  • Nurture people for success: We believe in creating and empowering our employees with interesting and challenging opportunities. Our goal is to make available an organizational culture that merits the expertise and needs of people while supporting a shared purpose. We go all-out to build an environment where people view work as productive, supportive, fun, and accountable.