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Test Tools Migration

Executive Overview

Technology is an enabler for us at TechArcis, our goal and commitment is to build the best and robust solution that is good for the client. This approach has always helped us to learn and explore various testing tools available in the market.

We always seek opportunities for Innovation and Transformation that can help us increase the productivity and testing optimization. Our focus to move towards Agile, DevOps, CI/CD has always given us the opportunity to migrate from one set of tools to the more advanced ones. Our team is technically solid and possess hands on expertise in various tools and their migration.

With TechArcis, businesses can now look forward to quick, seamless test tools migration. Having years of experience in the industry related to tool migration (from test data and test management tools to test automation tools); TechArcis is capable of handling any type of migration that the business needs.

TechArcis Offerings:

  • Our tooling ecosystem covers all testing types e.g. Mobility, Automation, Test Management, Performance, Security, Agile, DevOps and CI/CD
  • Effective test methodologies and definitions
  • Suitable defect handling procedures and defect tooling approach
  • Execution best practices and enhanced automation strategy
  • Complete support for building & Test Execution
  • Easy maintenance of test artifacts for each cycle/release

Service Introduction

As Agile and DevOps is becoming the mainstay for businesses to remain flexible, improve their end-products with CI/CD and reduce time to market, big changes have come in processes, people and tools that businesses use for software testing. Those still working with legacy software tools such as HP ALM, Test Director, or HP Quality Center may find they are incapable of faster product releases, better test coverage and a more agile pace of business. Even many users of HP Unified Functional Testing have started supporting Selenium – an open-source tool that’s comparatively more proficient for digital applications. All these may warrant test tool migration to a better, more suitable solution.

With TechArcis, businesses can now look forward to quick, seamless test tools migration. Having years of experience in the industry related to tool migration (from test data and test management tools to test automation tools); TechArcis is capable of handling any type of migration that the business needs.

TechArcis Methodology / Approach

TechArcis supports data warehouses, NoSQL data stores, Hadoop lakes, traditional databases, XML, flat files, web services, JSON, and several other data stores as either targets or sources to help businesses migrate their data from legacy systems or their existing systems to the one of their choice. From automating data validation and testing to integrating data testing into project schedules, we ensure business data migration is seamless and successful with no compromise on data confidentiality and security.

TechArcis can help in all tools migration – from test management tools to test automation tools. Some of our frequently commissioned services include

  • Migration from HP ALM to QA Symphony qtest: From helping businesses with our consulting services about migration best practices for a speedy transition, to helping in the actual process with importing data in qtest with minimum downtime, custom field support (to help migrate custom requirements, test cases and defects directly into qTest), migration of HP ALM project files (instead of unsafe and complicated database transfers) and in-house training as well as support to get users accustomed to qTest, we help at every step of it.
  • Migration from HP UFT to Selenium or any other tool: From helping business assess their in-house technical capabilities and helping them select a scripting language for the Selenium framework, to choosing a test suite for PoC and migrating test scripts to Selenium, gradually expanding the conversion to Selenium, optimizing scripts for maintainability, reliability and performance, running UFT and Selenium scripts in parallel and validating them, and recommending implementation of frameworks compatible with Selenium to overcome challenges (like absence of support for data-driven testing, limited dialog-box support, difficulty in running image based test), our experts do it all when businesses migrate to Selenium from HP UFT. We also facilitate migration to other open source and licensed testing tools such as LeanFT, TestComplete
  • Migration from HP QC to SmartBear’s QA Complete: We help in migrating test entities such as test cases, test requirements, test sets and defects with zero downtime from HP Quality Center to QA Complete.

TechArcis help businesses with cloud migration wherein we plan, migrate data, applications, operating systems and configurations based on the organization’s requirements. With our help and support, businesses can migrate virtual and physical workloads as well as cloud-ready workloads. We even help them with re-hosting applications. From capturing, deploying and synchronizing workloads, to doing testing and verification for fast and efficient migration, we can handle it all. We have in-built frameworks that can be reused by our clients for migrating their test data, test management and test automation tools. Depending on unique business needs, our experts at TechArcis can also build customized frameworks to suit test tools migration.

Client Testimonial

“TechArcis knowledge of Legacy Test Management systems and the newer ones for Agile was the key reason we choose them for our tools migration. They finished the migration flawlessly, on time and within budget”

“QA Manager, Mobile App Development”

TechArcis Differentiators

  • In-house team of test tools migration experts
  • Recommendation for compatible test frameworks and tools to overcome limitations of the new tool, if any
  • End-to-end support for test tools migration

TechArcis can help you in any migration – from test data, test automation to test management tools in much more fast, efficient and seamless.

Thought Leadership

It’s all about how your customers feel about your products, solutions or the service you provide. Nobody likes a buggy product or sub-par service. Our belief is “Quality and Convenience drives Customer Success”. Our mission is embedding Quality in Software and Product development process.

Our Partnerships

We believe in creating an eco-system of industry experts, our associates, tools, technologies and clients. Good Partnerships strengthen our belief and commitment in providing value to our clients and help them succeed in the market place. We believe in inclusive growth and strive for success of our partners, associates and clients. Our focus is 360° Quality, Digital Transformation, Mobility, Agile and DevOps to enable “Continuous Quality @ Speed”.

Our Clients

We work with YOU with a goal to bring delight to your Customers. We are Quality experts with a passion and skill in testing, no problem is too complex and too small for us. We have a proven track record of delivering 100’s of successful QA and Testing Projects for World’s most innovative companies. We have helped our clients roll out products and software that wow their clients, build brand recognition and increase their revenue and profitability.

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