Resourcing models to fit all your needs – Short Term, Long Term, On Premise, Off Site and Hybrid

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Flexible Resourcing

Executive Overview

As your testing partner, we leverage our testing experience, expertise and knowledge to deliver the highest quality test services and output. We provide ‘independent’ test services irrespective of industry, geography and public/private sector by designing an engagement model that works best for your business. Popular engagement models are:

  • Shared ownership model, businesses can benefit from a shared pool of test professionals
  • On-shoring, test centers located close to your location. In the smaller towns of US, we also have rural sourcing centers.
  • On-site testing or Co-Located, we provide QA and testing professionals co-located with your teams
  • Offshoring, this involves working with our Offshore & Global Teams
  • Consultancy services, we help recommend the best testing solutions
  • Managed services model, our test experts manage the performance of specific applications on a continuous basis

TechArcis Offerings:

Popular Engagement Models are:

  • Shared ownership model
  • On-shoring
  • On-site testing or Co-Located
  • Offshoring
  • Specialized testing professionals
  • Consultancy services
  • Managed services model

Service Introduction

In today’s extremely competitive business landscape where market and economical dynamics change often, businesses sometimes find it tough to meet their software testing and QA goals with rigid plans.

TechArcis understands this challenge well. That’s why we bring flexible resourcing and engagement models of software testing that are tailored to meet your business complexity, test maturity, technology and processes in use as well as other decisive factors that are crucial for successful project delivery. With our flexible resourcing and engagement models, businesses can now select what type of quality assurance software testing suits them the best based on cost, duration, scalability and other requirements.

TechArcis Methodology / Approach

TechArcis offers the following resourcing and engagement models to help businesses not suffer from fixed, delayed or compromised testing activities:

  • Shared ownership model: Businesses can benefit from a shared pool of test professionals, test environments and test assets that aren’t exclusive to them but can be used on a need basis with the cost distributed among the shared owners on a pro-rata basis.
  • Offshoring: This involves working with our offshore test team to perform the necessary testing activities (and thus get quick access to missing skills and capabilities) without any compromise on quality and security just because the business either doesn’t have skilled people or its in-house testing staff is stretched thin.
  • On-shoring: Businesses requiring test centers close to their location can benefit from our test centers with high-end facilities that are strategically placed at various locations. In the smaller towns of US, we also have rural sourcing centers.
  • On-site testing / Co-Located: We provide QA and testing professionals (depending on the client requirements) who will work with the in-house team at client location to implement and manage the right testing solutions as demanded by specific projects.
  • Consultancy services: From suggestions about implementing DevOps and Agile to transform SDLC, evaluation of present test framework and recommending ways to optimize it with better test resource allocation and use, to effective ways for ramping up or down of test resources and managing test data/test environment, we help recommend the best testing solutions for businesses.
  • Specialized testing professionals: From crowd testing and games testing to mobile testing, Agile and DevOps testing, Selenium testing and much more, we help businesses get access to specialized testing professionals from a global talent pool.
  • Managed services model: Our test experts manage the performance of specific applications on a continuous, long-term basis by visiting customer premises, as and when necessary.

Client Testimonial

“TechArcis team is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and experts in QA and Testing. Their flexi-models are convenient and helped us perform the testing during our critical product launches”

“Program Manager, Healthcare and Pharma Company “

TechArcis Differentiators

  • Need based or on-going professional testing support to suit all budgets
  • Flexible cost models
  • Access to the best professionals of a global talent pool
  • Integrating leading testing methodologies, frameworks and tools with existing business processes
  • Testing experts with specialization in various domains to strengthen in-house testing teams
  • Tailor-made testing solutions to meet business needs
  • Improvement in clients’ overall testing and QA effectiveness, thus facilitating better ROI

Thought Leadership

It’s all about how your customers feel about your products, solutions or the service you provide. Nobody likes a buggy product or sub-par service. Our belief is “Quality and Convenience drives Customer Success”. Our mission is embedding Quality in Software and Product development process.

Our Partnerships

We believe in creating an eco-system of industry experts, our associates, tools, technologies and clients. Good Partnerships strengthen our belief and commitment in providing value to our clients and help them succeed in the market place. We believe in inclusive growth and strive for success of our partners, associates and clients. Our focus is 360° Quality, Digital Transformation, Mobility, Agile and DevOps to enable “Continuous Quality @ Speed”.

Our Clients

We work with YOU with a goal to bring delight to your Customers. We are Quality experts with a passion and skill in testing, no problem is too complex and too small for us. We have a proven track record of delivering 100’s of successful QA and Testing Projects for World’s most innovative companies. We have helped our clients roll out products and software that wow their clients, build brand recognition and increase their revenue and profitability.

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