Multi skilled team is required for IoT Testing – Mobility, Devices, Network, Security are few essential key skills

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Internet of Things Testing Services

Executive Overview

Testing the Internet of things (IoT) refers to the validation process of various aspects related to internet connectivity, performance, security, speed, end user experience etc. Classic test approach doesn’t fit in the IoT testing model. The software testing challenges go beyond devices and sensors to include the added complexity that comes with Big Data i.e. huge volume, velocity and variety. Solid strategic test planning is required to cover the depth and breadth of IoT testing, wherein types of testing, test lab setup, testing tools and simulators to be deployed should be taken into consideration.

If an enterprise is deploying an IoT solution or building a new IoT product, the skilled and experienced team of TechArcis, can help them identify vulnerabilities and risks, find solutions and implement them to mitigate security issues across their Internet of Things ecosystem.

TechArcis offers customized Quality Assurance and Testing services and solutions for various industries and disruptive technologies. Utilizing multiple commercial and open source tools, we design optimized end-to end testing solutions to meet your business specific requirements. We deploy our end-to-end quality management framework to ensure efficiency of our testing services and provide complete transparency in quality assurance activities, team and project performance.

TechArcis Offerings:

  • Evaluate systems and communications vulnerable and prone to the highest risk
  • IoT penetration Testing
  • Static and Dynamic Testing
  • Threat modeling
  • Hardware Testing
  • Protocol Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Incident Response
  • Testing for Big Data i.e. huge volume, velocity and variet of data
  • Enhance test efficiency, Reduce cycle time, Minimize TCO, Improve Overall Quality 

Service Introduction

Over the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology has slowly trickled into our everyday lives. From Internet-connected lights, door locks, televisions and refrigerators to smart cars with sensors and GPS, wearable IoT-connected devices that can report the wearer’s bio-metric measurements (perspiration level, heart rate etc) to the doctor and surgically implanted devices that can send reports back to the medical team or to a central base owned by the manufacturer, IoT is becoming omnipresent.

Even for enterprises, driver-less trucks operating round-the-clock to boost productivity, retailers using RFID tags within anti-theft tags, or agricultural farms using connected sensors to monitor herds and crops and optimize distribution of food, fertilizer and pesticides are becoming the norm. But despite the use of IoT from households and individuals to medical domains and industries, Internet-connected devices, applications, infrastructure and systems are susceptible to vulnerabilities.

This is why TechArcis supports continuous security testing of IoT and offers services to ensure Internet-connected devices of an enterprise are not prone to the common vulnerabilities or security threats.

Vulnerabilities in IoT

Gartner estimates the number of Internet-connected devices to touch the mark of 50 billion by 2020. Despite improving life for many, IoT technology is likely to face exponentially increasing risks, which will be a big problem for both businesses and consumers. From poor security controls and several other vulnerabilities, IoT has come under the scrutiny of many experts. With TechArcis, businesses can overcome some common problems associated with IoT:

  • While sharing user data, IoT platforms hardly give user anonymity any importance.
  • IoT users often approve collection and storage of data without possessing adequate technical knowledge or information. Data thus collected and shared with third parties or lost by them gives a detailed picture of users personal lives that they wouldn’t have shared with a stranger if they knew what it truly meant.
  • As several Internet-connected devices like televisions sets, kitchen appliances, cameras etc share a lot of personal data with other devices or store such data in database held by manufacturers, they are prone to being misused or hacked. Thus, cyber-attacks in future will tend to become more of a physical (and not just virtual) threat.
  • Computer-controlled medical equipment (drug infusion pumps, pacemakers etc.) or automobile devices (brakes, horns, locks, dashboard, engine etc.) are prone to being accessed and manipulated by hackers for mischief, fun or personal gain.
  • Due to a nascent concept of layered security and redundancy in managing IoT-related risks, consumers may be at the receiving end. Imagine altering the readings of a smart health device that tracks a patient’s condition. When the readings are shared with another smart device connected to it for prescribing medicines after analysis, the compromised readings will lead of inaccurate and harmful treatment or diagnosis.
  • Numerous IoT-based devices trying to access a website or connecting to a database increases the probability of failure, which in turn would cause revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction.

TechArcis Methodology / Approach

If an enterprise is deploying an IoT solution or building a new IoT product, the skilled and experienced team of TechArcis, can help them identify vulnerabilities and risks, find solutions and implement them to mitigate security issues across their Internet of Things ecosystem.

  • Static and Dynamic Testing

Static testing is frequently done for IoT-connected devices to ensure minimum baseline for security.  But it’s not designed or intended to find vulnerabilities present in the ‘off the shelf’ components like memory and processors into which the application will be installed.

With dynamic testing, code weaknesses and any underlying vulnerabilities or code defects in hardware get exposed, which were not found by static analysis. Dynamic testing helps in finding vulnerabilities created with the use of new code in old processors. Thus, manufacturers buying software and hardware from others depend on this pragmatic way of dynamic testing to make sure the items are secure.

  • Threat modeling

Due to the complexity of IoT and connected systems, it becomes important to evaluate systems and communications vulnerable and prone to the highest risk. The team at TechArcis does this job by creating an enterprise’s entire system’s comprehensive threat models that can develop and sustain through its complete product lifecycle, together with helping the business identify and lessen the most critical issues. We can also help businesses with their product’s position vis-à-vis security.

  • IoT penetration Testing

Instead of performing basic analysis, our system analysis and penetration testing goes beyond to account for the entire landscape of the IoT technology, thus covering each segment and how they affect the security of the whole IoT ecosystem.  From continuous security testing of cloud APIs and IoT mobile application to embedded firmware and hardware, communication and protocols, we do it all.

  • Consultation for device design

For a key project, designing hardware is usually the first step that can decide the limitations and weaknesses. With TechArcis’ security testing services professionals working closely with an enterprise’s design engineering professionals and offering advice and suggestions from the ground up, we ensure hardware issues don’t compromise the enterprise’s software security architecture or make it vulnerable to attacks and threats.

  • Hardware Testing

By testing the enterprise’s device’s physical security and internal architecture (which involves internal components), TechArcis professionals determine the depth and breadth of its physical attack surface. Our hardware testing services may include firmware extraction, component indication, test points identification, and reconfiguration of the device’s hardware to interrupt traffic, sidestep authentication, and/or inject commands that may trigger considerable risk to the enterprise and its clients.

  • Protocol Testing

This involves testing communications to and from the device and includes testing encrypted transmissions cryptographic security, the capability to capture and alter data transmissions, and locating code errors or security loopholes in the communication protocols. After evaluating the security of communication protocols, our experts will find out the risk to the enterprise and its clients.

  • Firmware Analysis

TechArcis will extract and analyze the content of the firmware in order to discover injection flaws, backdoor accounts, format strings, buffer overflows and other vulnerabilities. We will also evaluate the device’s firmware upgrade process in an attempt to search vulnerabilities and execute a secure boot review process to make sure that public key encryption and upgrade functionality is reliable.

  • Incident Response

In a post-attack scenario, it’s important to pull information from anything beyond the device logs. Our incident response experts can help pull crucial information directly from a product. Since some IoT devices come equipped with recording and tracking capabilities that aren’t publicly talked about, such services of pulling information from them or sharing information about what data can be made available for use would help in law enforcement or criminal cases.

  • Transportation Security

Movable things and devices like automobiles, robots, trains, planes etc. often come with complex security requirements. Though several security companies just add an IDS solution or encryption, it boosts the costs and overhead without addressing the root of the problem. TechArcis’s team of IoT and security testing services goes beyond understanding FlexRay, LIN, CAN and other network protocols to offer enterprises assessments and recommendations that will address their specific concerns and needs together with solving problems, if any, without adversely influencing their product’s performance.

Client Testimonial

“TechArcis has a unique expertise – In addition to being QA experts, they possess solid technology background and expertise in Telecom, Devices, Networks and applications. This has helped them build unique IoT capability. Thanks for helping us”

“VP, Product Development and Engineering”

TechArcis Differentiators

By leveraging our accelerators and frameworks, you can derive several qualitative and quantitative benefits:

  • Enhance test efficiency: Effective and efficient use of industry standard tools enables complete traceability, and helps align testing as per business requirements.
  • Reduce cycle time: Test automation helps reduce arduous and time consuming manual effort, and accelerate development cycle time.
  • Minimize TCO: Shared services delivery model helps reduce cost of ownership as we build, operate and manage the test factory, and take complete responsibility for end-to-end testing services.
  • Improve QA: Robust governance model helps enhance visibility at every stage of the cycle, so that you can detect and fix defects early in the development cycle.

Get in touch with TechArcis today to experience its automation testing approach toward IoT testing that would help secure the enterprise’s Internet-connected devices, systems, applications, infrastructure and protocols

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