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Executive Overview

With the advent of big data and analytics, digital technologies, cloud and mobile, businesses in the technology domain and independent software vendors (ISVs) are reconsidering how they should approach product development. In today’s extremely competitive business landscape, emphasizing just on product development won’t help businesses sustain, compete and maintain their competitive edge. They also need to focus on product upgrades, testing, support, training and consulting to stay ahead in the race. Bringing quality products that are feature rich and user friendly is important. Its all about speed to market, building quality products and UI/UX that increase customer satisfaction.

With its wide array of testing solutions, TechArcis now helps businesses develop quality products and take them to local and global markets faster.

TechArcis Offerings:

  • Scalable testing teams and hands-on test experience for Technology and ISV industries
  • Comprehensive test coverage for your applications to ensure compatibility, security and reliability
  • Quality insight for betterment of product that accelerates times to market & ensures safety
  • Mobility Testing and Digital Transformation
  • End-to-end testing, Testing applications for usability, performance, functionality and security
  • Application testing for the UI / UX, data integrity and support for concurrent and multiple users

Service Introduction

There is a growing need to emphasize on customer experience, its all about wooing the target customer by delivering customized and exceptional services that would convert even an indifferent one into a loyal customer.

For all industries, embracing digital transformation and technology services together with ensuring security across the entire ecosystem is important. Taking advantage of data analytics and IoT for demand prediction to optimize infrastructure and asset availability, and improving end-to-end experience between service providers and customers is possible. All this needs task-specific as well as end-to-end testing for validating the processes involved. With its wide array of testing solutions, TechArcis now helps businesses develop quality products and take them to local and global markets faster.

TechArcis Offerings

With focus on digital transformation and digital technologies, tech-driven businesses and ISVs are adopting DevOps and Agile in growing numbers.

  • TechArcis progressive automation, Automation First Test Development (AFTD), Test Driven Development (TDD) approaches to support CI/CD help testers and developers work together in flexible, small teams. This approach helps them adapt to changes fast and assure performance and market readiness, thus increasing the reach and impact of their product.
  • With our Agile test teams and TCoEs, we help businesses and ISVs adopt continuous testing via automation for both functional and non-functional testing. As open source software and tools are expected to play a key role in creating a market-ready, robust digital landscape, TechArcis helps bring collaborative testing methods for Agile and DevOps to the forefront and offer end-to-end support for them to help businesses get the intrinsic benefits.
  • As Big Data becomes ubiquitous for better contextual insights (such as one given by data-based predictions) that drive customer engagement via mobile, IoT and wearables, testing these applications has become important. But with challenges like real-time scalability, live integration of information, instant data collection and live deployment etc, it demands hardcore testing. With its smart, real-time data sampling and catalogue techniques together with high end performance testing capabilities, TechArcis ensures scalability and addresses all the problems posed by such Applications.
  • We bring ATaaS (Automation Testing as a Service) model for technology-driven businesses and ISVs that will offer pay-per-use, scalable and outcome-driven testing services at reduced cost and infrastructure spend. We also offer cloud-based test automation solutions (as part of our ATaaS) to optimize our clients testing efforts and speed up their time to market.

Our frameworks and testing accelerators are well integrated with Agile and DevOps environments. Clients can achieve 30-50% ROI by use of our automation solutions for mobile, web, desktop and many other applications. We help our clients get ready to deal with the digital and technological shift that’s happening fast.

TechArcis Differentiators

  • Expertise to support Digital Transformation
  • Test experience in Big Data testing
  • Knowledge of recent trends like Machine Learning, AI, Robotics testing etc
  • Equal competence in open source and commercial test tools

As new age testing becomes indispensable for tech-driven businesses and ISVs, TechArcis is here to pave the way for moving forward with its modern test approaches, tools and frameworks

Client Testimonial

“TechArcis team performed test assessment of our application, this helped us to prioritize the automation for our business critical scenarios. TechArcis team understood our requirements thoroughly and mapped overall test strategy and automation approach for our procurement application. Their expertise in Agile and doing In-Sprint Automation is very advanced”

“QA Manager, Procurement Application for a Supply Chain Automation Company”

Thought Leadership

It’s all about how your customers feel about your products, solutions or the service you provide. Nobody likes a buggy product or sub-par service. Our belief is “Quality and Convenience drives Customer Success”. Our mission is embedding Quality in Software and Product development process.

Our Partnerships

We believe in creating an eco-system of industry experts, our associates, tools, technologies and clients. Good Partnerships strengthen our belief and commitment in providing value to our clients and help them succeed in the market place. We believe in inclusive growth and strive for success of our partners, associates and clients. Our focus is 360° Quality, Digital Transformation, Mobility, Agile and DevOps to enable “Continuous Quality @ Speed”.

Our Clients

We work with YOU with a goal to bring delight to your Customers. We are Quality experts with a passion and skill in testing, no problem is too complex and too small for us. We have a proven track record of delivering 100’s of successful QA and Testing Projects for World’s most innovative companies. We have helped our clients roll out products and software that wow their clients, build brand recognition and increase their revenue and profitability.

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