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Test Advisory and Transformation Services

Executive Overview

TechArcis Test Advisory and Transformation services combine dedicated testing expertise, proven testing processes and assets that go beyond traditional testing. With quality assurance activities embedded at every step of the way, we ensure continuous process improvement that leads to process maturity & help save on your year-on-year testing investment.

Our well-conceived transformation approach fosters a culture of innovation and growth, and helps you take advantage of:

  • Extensive domain expertise and dedicated testing capabilities that span across multiple domain and industries.
  • End-to-end testing transformation solution entails test management, functional and performance testing to ensure testing is optimized and aligned with business requirements. This ensures delivery excellence and helps maximize your ROI.

TechArcis Offerings:

  • Agile Transformation and DevOps implementation
  • Setting up a Test Transformation Office
  • Test Engineering Value additions with solid Automation focus
  • Huge library of test assets with test accelerators and frameworks
  • Use of industry best practices and methodologies
  • Centralized management and tracking platform for all SDLC activities that provides all stakeholders complete access to measurable outcomes for effective project management

Service Introduction

Going beyond Testing: Enhancing software development efficiency

To keep pace with growing market demands and gain competitive advantage, enterprises need to deliver quality software products, while reducing cycle time and operational cost. Due to inherent limitations, conventional methodologies of testing are continually failing to address the evolving and complex challenges of the software ecosystem. These include multiple linear regression testing, lengthy and time-consuming processes, poor test coverage, and use of redundant test cases that lead to significant time and cost implications.

There is a pressing need to do more with minimal test cases that provide maximum coverage. However, lack of adequate testing domain expertise makes it challenging for enterprises to transform their testing processes radically. Although there are multiple industry standard tools available that help automate and optimize testing, companies often struggle to select and combine the relevant tools and methodologies that are best suited for their testing environment and business priorities.

TechArcis Methodology / Approach

Test Advisory Services of TechArcis helps clients know their Quality problems by analyzing the pain-points, testing gaps and risks in their processes and practices. Based on these findings, our consultants will suggest a testing transformation roadmap in sync with our client’s business goals. Our Test Transformation Services will support and help in the implementation of this roadmap, which will let our clients enjoy improved agility in business operations, development of better quality of products at decreased cost and optimal resource utilization, together with reduced time-to-market, all of which will give their business a competitive edge.

Our Advisory Services cover the domains of:

  • Test Capability: We evaluate an enterprise’s testing maturity to find risks and gaps with respect to Processes, People, Tools, Infrastructure and Competency. The findings help in recognizing key areas needing improvement, which are then suggested to clients.  
  • Agile and DevOps: Digital transformation needs businesses to start using and aligning their operations with Agile/DevOps processes. From evaluating their readiness for such transformation and finding the areas that need improvement to matching industry best practices, charting a roadmap with recommendation on how they can evolve as a mature Agile DevOps Organization, we offer advice at every step for our clients.
  • Test Automation: From helping clients realize the need of test automation to checking their test automation readiness and maturity by executing automation tool assessment, automation feasibility and readiness analysis, we help test their automation capabilities in use and create a suitable blueprint for improving their overall test automation maturity that brings better returns on investment.
  • Test Benchmark: Using our proprietary benchmarking framework together with industry benchmark data and model(s) (such as CMMI levels, ITIL, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, TMMI/TPI etc), we help assess our client’s maturity with respect to their test practices and processes, after which a blueprint is created to help them achieve a higher test maturity level.
  • Test Tools and Infrastructure: It involves evaluating the testing tools and test infrastructure our clients are using at present together with suggesting the right infrastructure/tool/strategy for test optimization and better test coverage that would bring an improved ROI their way.

Our Transformation Services include:

  • Agile Transformation: From implementing Agile and DevOps processes into the organization to running and sustaining them successfully, implementation of test automation framework and strategies, we help at every step of our client’s agile transformation.
  • Setting up a Test Transformation Office: This will help set-up a Quality Management Office to ensure continuous improvement with better test quality and coverage.
  • TCoE: From setting up and maintaining test tools and infrastructure, making available reusable test assets to measuring the impact of transformation on test maturity, Test Center of Excellence helps deliver proven results.
  • Test Engineering Value additions: By helping implement most suitable test tools and reusable test assets that can be customized for accelerated testing and delivery, we help in value-addition to our client’s bottom-line.

Client Testimonial

“We partnered with TechArcis to evaluate our existing QA and Testing process and suggest areas of improvement. They did an exhaustive assessment and demonstrated their deep domain expertise and highlighted areas of improvement. Additionally, they provided us the implementation blueprint, it was really detailed and well thought thru. We ended up hiring them for execution and operations of our TCoE”

“VP, Quality Engineering”

TechArcis Differentiators

  • Certified test consultants with proven, hands-on experience in different types of testing across all levels of Software Testing Life Cycle
  • A huge library of test assets with test accelerators and framework for risk point evaluation and transformation
  • Use of industry best practices and methodologies together with standardizing metrics and management, SLA-driven services delivery with clear governance

Thought Leadership

It’s all about how your customers feel about your products, solutions or the service you provide. Nobody likes a buggy product or sub-par service. Our belief is “Quality and Convenience drives Customer Success”. Our mission is embedding Quality in Software and Product development process.

Our Partnerships

We believe in creating an eco-system of industry experts, our associates, tools, technologies and clients. Good Partnerships strengthen our belief and commitment in providing value to our clients and help them succeed in the market place. We believe in inclusive growth and strive for success of our partners, associates and clients. Our focus is 360° Quality, Digital Transformation, Mobility, Agile and DevOps to enable “Continuous Quality @ Speed”.

Our Clients

We work with YOU with a goal to bring delight to your Customers. We are Quality experts with a passion and skill in testing, no problem is too complex and too small for us. We have a proven track record of delivering 100’s of successful QA and Testing Projects for World’s most innovative companies. We have helped our clients roll out products and software that wow their clients, build brand recognition and increase their revenue and profitability.

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